Whether it is a cold frosty winter morning or hot sticky summers night our Energy efficient, cost efficient heat pumps are perfect heating and cooling solution for your Hutt Valley home.

Our trusted team of Heat Pump Specialists design the best heating and cooling solution to suit your home and budget.
Whether you are renovating or building new, our tailored solutions will ensure your family home is a perfect temperature all year round.

We work with the best brands including Mitsubishi Electric who’s G Series is New Zealand’s best-selling high wall heat pump range ever!

Single Room Heat Pumps

High Wall Heat Pumps and Floor Console Heat Pumps are non-intrusive, energy efficient, low cost and whisper quiet heating and cooling solutions, perfecting for heating a single room. We offer a range of heat pumps and air conditioners to suit all types and sizes of rooms within your family home.

Mitsubishi Electric HyperCore

Multi-Room Heat Pumps

A standard heat pump and air conditioning system consists of an indoor and outdoor unit, a Multi-Room System allows you to connect multiple heat pumps (indoor units) to just one outdoor unit. By having only one outdoor unit you can keep the exterior of your home clutter-free. Plus you still have the freedom to pick the style of heat pump best suited to each room in your family home from the living space to the children’s bedroom. A Multi-Room Heat Pump System also means you can have individual temperature control for each room.

Mitsubishi Electric WI-FI Control

Customised control and monitoring, so you never return to a cold home again. Mitsubishi Electric Optional Wi-Fi Control gives you the freedom to manage your heat pump(s) through your smartphone, tablet or online account, no matter where you are.

Wi-Fi Control opens up a new world of truly personalised comfort. Effectively replacing your traditional heat pump remote, Wi-Fi Control gives you the freedom to manage your home environment regardless of where you are.

Mitsubishi Electric Designer Series High Wall Heat Pumps

Ducted Heat Pump Solutions

A ducted central whole home heat pump and air conditioning system is the best solution for heating and cooling the family home at a constant temperature all year round. The customised ducted heat pump solution is largely hidden from view, with only subtle grilles visible. Using concealed ducting to connect multiple rooms for heating or cooling, these systems are ideal for your family home or office.

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